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Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition
                         Written by: Kristin McCabe
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Peek-a-Bunny is a family friendly, interactive book that lets you play with the little Baby Bunnies!

From the beginning of March to Easter Eve, 
The baby bunnies will be at your house to play.
You can give them a hug and pick them up,
But they must go to bed where they wake up each day.

Enjoy playing Peek-a-Bunny with your new Bunny friend in the weeks leading up to Easter!

Check out the Peek-a-Bunny website by clicking on the image to the right!

Lean on Me
    written by: Scott and Linda Maloney

When Scott Maloney fell from a third story building his senior year in college, his family was told there was no hope of survival.  This story unfolds the events leading up to and following Scott's traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The book was co-written by Scott and his mother Linda which allows the reader to fully appreciate the effects of TBI from both the victim and their family's point of view.  This is a must read for parents, teens, and young adults!

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Footprints: Stories from Anywhere
      written by: Andrew Klein

For fifteen years the author traveled around the world, living, working and touring some sixty-six countries.  During these remarkable sojourns he often kept journals.  The stories within are taken directly from these very personal reflections.  Some relate more to a place, while others recount certain happenings, and there are a few that will touch the reader in ways only encounters with charming and interesting people can.  Follow Andrew as he treks high in the Himalays, dives the Great Barrier Reef, and surfs the awesome waves of Bali.  Imagine him as he escapes bombings, gunfights and terrorists, and experience his pathos as he meets and helps kindred travelers facing simlar obsticles.  These are his  'Tales from Anywhere', the very ones that people have been asking him to write about for over thirty years.  Finally, here are the fragments, mementos and renmants of his 'Footprints'.

The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena
 Oliver and the Guardian Angel
written by: Andy Klein

There is something very special about Oliver Phenomena, a young boy who seems to attract the most unusual experiences. In his first story he finds himself in plenty of hot water but his guardian angel saves him each time---much to the amazement of onlookers.
The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena
 Oliver and the Little Ghost

written by: Andy Klein

Andy Klein has brought back his lovable character we first met in, 'Oliver and the Guardian Angel'(2015). Beautifully illustrated by world renowned artist, Ronaldo Florendo, the second book in the 'Fantastic Adventures' series, 'Oliver and the Little Ghost', has Oliver and his daddy off to stay at Aunt Katrina's spooky, seaside mansion. Of course, with Oliver around, there is bound to be some supernatural happenings going on. Follow Oliver as he meets Austin, the little ghost that haunts their location, and together they find that spooky can be fun.